Required Sexual Harassment Training in California – SB 1343

With the passage of SB 1343, employers in California who employ 5 or more employees have a new requirement for sexual harassment training.

This new law requires California employers with 5 or more employees (in any state) to provide sexual harassment prevention training to all California  based employees and managers by the end of 2019 and/or within 6 months of hire, or placement in a management position.

For employees in job position other than management and supervisory roles must receive 1 hour of interactive training every two years.

Managers and supervisors must receive 2 hours of interactive training that includes area areas outlined in the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) model training requirement model developed in the beginning of 2019.

Non-management/supervisory employees must receive 1 hour of interactive training in sexual harassment prevention every 2 years following the initial training in 2019.

Employers who provided the required 2 hour training for managers and supervisors, or 1 hour training for employees after 1/1/19, which included all of the areas of the DFEH model training, are not need to repeat it to meet the new training requirement.

The law outlines that specific topics must be included in both the manager and the employee version of the training:

  • Information outlining prohibited behaviors;
  • Prevention and correction steps;
  • Reporting procedures in the event of unlawful harassment in the workplace;
  • Remedies available to employees who are victims of unlawful sexual harassment in conjunction with employment.

Allardyce Resources is able to provide the required a training for employees and supervisors. The training materials will incorporate all of the required topics to meet the DFEH requirements as well as be presented in a manner that is interactive with all those in attendance.

Each participate who completes the training will also be provided with a Certificate of Completion.

Allardyce Resources is available by phone at 916 487-4344 or by email

More information on the legal requirement can be found at the following link:

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