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New California ABC Test for Independent Contractors

Many employers within California rely on what has been a tried and true test to determine whether a person providing “service” or work to their company can be correctly classified as an Independent Contractor. In the recent California Supreme Court ruling, Dynamex Operations West v. Supreme Court filed 4/30/18, this process has been significantly changed. With this ruling, the California Supreme Court established that a test known as the “ABC Test” will be used to make the determination of whether or not any individual WILL be classified as an employee, or the person may be classified as an Independent Contractor. The ABC test is a three prong analysis of...
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Amendments to Paid Sick Leave Law

With Governor Brown's signature on AB304 on July 13, 2015, there are some changes that I want to make you aware of for Paid Sick Leave compliance. AB 1522 required employers to provide employees with written notice of the accrual, use and balance available for Paid Sick Leave, or the amount of paid time off the employer provided in lieu of sick leave as specified. The amendment, AB 304 allows the employer who provides unlimited sick leave to employee to satisfy the noticing requirement by indicating on employee pay stubs wording that states “unlimited sick time provided”. Under AB 1522, an employer was not required to provide...
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