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Employer Pamphlet Requirements

Employers are required to provide the following information publications to their employees.

  • For Your Benefit (DE 2320). This pamphlet explains California’s unemployment insurance and disability insurance programs and must be distributed when an employer discharges or lays off an employee, or places an employee on a leave of absence. It is also recommended that employers give this to employees when they first start employment.
  • State Disability Insurance Provisions (DE 2515). This pamphlet explains an employee’s disability insurance rights and must be distributed to all new hires and again if an employee goes out on disability leave. *Updated for 2008.
  • Workers’ Compensation Rights and Benefits Pamphlets. Give all new employees this pamphlet at time of hire. *Updated for 2008.
  • Sexual Harassment Information Sheet. Every California employee and independent contractor must receive a sexual harassment information sheet from his/her employer.
  • Paid Family Leave pamphlets.  Explain California’s Paid Family Leave (PFL) program. Give it to new employees and employees requesting time off for a covered reason. *Updated for 2008.

All pamphlets can be ordered directly through Allardyce Resources LLC. Click here to order pamphlets.


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